Can you date a girl that you don't find sexy at all?

I'm not just talking about appearance, I'm talking about if you were dating a very beautiful girl, but she doesn't know how to be sexy AT ALL. Like she's super inexperienced and innocent. She is so oblivious that she is un teachable, but aside from that she has a great personality and has an 7.5-8/10 body. Would this be a no go?


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  • I mean... it would put me off.

    But I'd stay with that person.

    I mean, seeing that you are under 18... Im sure she's also around your age range.

    When I was sexual active at 16 I didn't know how to be sexy.

    It took me until ages 18-21 to find my inner sexiness and be more open sexually.

    She'll learn at some point.
    You both are still sooo young!

    • There is room for growth in my opinion.

      It may take a while though...

      The question is are you patient enough to wait?

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