What do you do when your guy friend ( s ) look at your boobs?

How do you react when your guy friend (s) look at your boobs? So im getting to know this guy in my class and stuff and I have noticed him looking at my boobs several times. It doesn't necessarly bother me, but he's my friend so in my eyes its not "supose" too happen.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well it depends if you're gonna play along or if they ain't playing games.

    Doesn't sound like he's playing games.
    He's just distracted by tits.

    • Who said anything about playing gamles? Lol

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    • Im guilty of staring at guys crothes 😅but i only dont when their facing the other way...


      Well he ain't as stealthy as you are yet lol
      Also... yes , I know it just happens , drifting eyes and all.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't really care.

    People look at what they find attractive all of the time.
    Why would I let it bother me?


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What Guys Said 7

  • It depends if its a casual look or if he's drooling over them. If its a quick glance it was probably just human reflex, men are programmed to do that after all.

    • Its a casual look kinda.. but it Seems like forever lol

  • Well most guys who notice the bust of a women usually doesn't mean he wants to have a relationship, and he probably just thinks you have nice breasts and easily draw his eyes. If you find it to become too annoying for you, just half-jokingly say like "how's the view?" or "my eyes are a little higher" but WITH a chuckle because you probably don't want to embarrass him too much for his innocent ogling. I hope this helps :D

  • Do you sport a cleavage? It can be really annoying with girls who do, especially at the workplace when you have to deal with them socially. It's quite difficult not to look, and it's embarassing when it happens.

    If a girl has a cleavage I really, really try to stare at her face. But oops, do you know, my eyes then suddenly dart downwards. It's not necessarily a sign of interest, it's just that.. it's there.

    • I haven't worn anything that shows cleavage around him.. in fact haven't worn anything with a low neckline since I moved.. which is soon two weeks ago

    • Big breasts? Visible nipples? Jewelry?

    • Big breasts? Depends on what you or him consider big. Visible nipples? Its a chance. Jewlery? Nope.

  • Do you not look at other girls boobs? boobs are just boobs dude.. we can't help but look.

  • When I look at my wife's boobs I don't hide it and she smiles.

    • But she your wife... im talking about women you only are friends with

    • They pretend not to see it.

  • It's kind of strange when you catch inappropriate women looking at your crotch too.

  • its natural if a girl gets pissy over it they will get hated on for it.


What Girls Said 4

  • They're big. I'm fascinated by them tol from time to time. Doesn't bother me as long as they're not drooling all over me.

  • I don't have or keep guy friends so I have no idea lol

    • Alm if my guy friends have done it, except one or at least not that I have noticed

    • All of*

    • lol I feel awkward with guy friends, normally guys who talk to me want to ask date me which is why they're talking to me, so being friends with someone who wants to f you, is just not my thing. I love my girl friends, it's more fun and not as weird lol

  • I look away and shift uncomfortable and try and hint that I know what he's doing :/

  • I pull my shirt up.


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