What does it mean if im on a date with a girl and she says she has a friend?

this girl has been blowing me up wanting to hangout I make plans. We go out she's laughing a lot flirting having fun touching me. It was a good time she jump into my arms at the end. she was asking me questions like if I was loyal or have good character? I found that to be weird but she's not from the USA. the only thing is she is saying she has a friend and she will hangout with him Later. Its cool but this is confusing she said she had a boyfriend when I first met. Now he's saying he's her friend. What does this mean is the guy her boyfriend or friend because I think I will back off if he is Her boyfriend. Why is she saying he's her friend? Is she into me or does she not want me to know about the other guy?
She said that he's my boyfriend but not really because I never see him and we've only dated two weeks


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  • Where exactly did you meet her? If you met her online, she's probably wary of you, that's why she decided to bring a friend along with her.

    • No she moved to America but the night she arrived she couldn't get in her apartment so me and my brother said come stay at our house. It
      wasn't online.

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  • She sounds like a total flirt and just looking for fun with whoever. Red flag to me.

    • She may be a flirt but she's not a hoe so I think its ok

    • Right, but she doesn't know exclusivity either. She seems too quick or too easy to label a guy her boyfriend and then turn around and reclassify him as just a friend. Doesn't seem right to end the date with you and then go spend time with her ex afterwards. You what I mean, she just has too many guys floating around. Again, she wants to spend time with you, but also this other guy. This early in the relationship she is still partially focused on this other guy. This to me says I will never have her to my self and I will always compete for affection with that other guy.

    • I see what you meen but I think she actually does like me. I also think the guy is doing wrong things in attraction. she's not in a serious relationship so I don't think she has to be exclusive. She's never even had sex so I trust that she's not a bad girl. I think your right though I will back off and maybe comeback if it doesn't workout with this other guy. I also won't jump to anything unless she proves she's not a flirtvanymore.

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