What do I do about my ex coming back into my life?

Okay, he's not exactly my ex

We had a thing at uni for 6 months. He was in his last year and I was in my first. We talked on Tinder for over month, met up a few times and slept together. I felt like he genuinely liked me. but then began being distant, blaming it on work, and I got upset as I felt like he'd used me. He then apologised for the way he'd treated me and said he felt bad, he didn't mean to and would do things properly with me. So I gave him a second chance. But it was just as bad as the first, and ended with me ignoring his dick pic and blocking him on snapchat and facebook to remove him from my life.

Forward a few years, I've done some maturing and know what I come to expect from a proper relationship and when a guy is messing. I value & respect myself more and have grown in confidence. No longer the naive Fresher I once was.

I came across this guy from uni once more in my life, unintentionally. I met him through my friend who has no idea of our history. This reunion was awkward to say the least. I acted myself: polite, funny, and indifferent, as did he.

But we've been bumping into each other a lot. Around town, at social gatherings as we share a lot of the same friends, and through that we've done a lot of talking. And surprisingly we get on really well and share similar interests. We still have great chemistry.

However, we talked the other night & he brings up what happend at uni between us, and admits that he always felt really bad about what happened. I replied that he should and that his behaviour towards me was appalling. He then said how we still get on really well & wants to take me on a date, for real this time. I said I need to think about it considering our past history. He understood & said he'd give me time to reply.

So should I give him another chance? I'd regret saying no & I'd walk away if he ended up messing again. We still have unndeniable chemistry, but I am I just setting myself up to get hurt again, or is he being genuine? Please help!


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  • I say yes. You should. Because you don't know what you're missing. But I recommend looking at it as going out with a friend instead of a potential future boyfriend, because imagining him as a boyfriend instead of a friend will mess with your head and it will cause you to look at his flaws. But looking at him like a friend will make you totally forget about his flaws and you'll enjoy yourself. After dinner. That's up to you.

  • Everyone deserves a second chance! :)

  • dont take him back.

    • Would he do exactly the same to me as before?

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