Is there any truth to jokes?

My friends with benefits is constantly joking around about dating me, getting married, etc. Up to this point I've taken it as only joking, but last night he repeatedly said, "I love you" while we were talking on the phone. It was in a friendly, joking manner, but it still put me on edge. I ignored it, but I personally believe that, that is not a phrase to be thrown around lightly... On top of that, I'm used to casual relationships where we barely communicate between hooking up, and certainly never talk about our lives, relationships, etc. This guy, however, texts or calls me almost every day right now. We have had several conversations about not wanting to date each other, for various reasons, but he recently revealed that he hasn't had a friends with benefits relationship before me, and his last relationship was only supposed to be friends with benefits but they started dating instead. I feel like I'm out of my depth only because he's quite a bit younger than me, and I'm worried that maybe he's a little too inexperienced in casual relationships, to be able to handle friends with benefits. At the same time, I do have a lot of fun with him, and I don't want to overthink this and ruin what could be a fun, casual relationship, by worrying over nothing.


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  • He may just be playful. But he also might be at least somewhat serious - or maybe thinking about it and saying those things to see how you react.

    If you don't want more than friends with benefits then you should tell him - again. Next time he says "I love you" or something similar, just remind him what the relationship is supposed to be and you don't want to go past that. If he's just being playful, no harm in saying it. If he's more serious, he needs to hear it.

    • Thanks, it's really hard to tell with him b/c he's always joking around, but at the same time, is kind of needy. He likes to push my buttons so I try to keep that in mind, but I don't understand why he's constantly bringing it up. Maybe he's testing me?

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  • you're overthinking.


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