I have a really bad crush with a co- worker, Is it a big deal if people notice?

My co worker she's a really nice girl and she's fucking gorgoeus not gonna lie I have a big crush on her and I try to avoid people finding out because well I feel she's gonna change with me if she finds out an unattractive guy (me) likes her. I try really hard to ignore her at work and keep it very profesional but she sometimes comes over to ask if I'm alright because I'm not talking to her much.

This is getting really embarasing because I blush and get nervous when I see her and I really hate that


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What Girls Said 1

  • How many times we gotta tell you you're not ugly?

    • thats not the question at hand and i have mirrors and people TELL me to my face , with words, no I'm not asuming it and yes mostly every day that I am in FACT ugly as hell thanks

What Guys Said 1

  • It's actually kind of a good situation if everyone knows but her. If you have good coworkers they'll be like a group of wingmen.

    And if you have coworkers who're bad at keeping secrets, then she'll know, and then you don't have to tell her yourself.


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