Why am I such a terrible boyfriend?

I was joking around with my girlfriend a bit and what not and then it got real serious and I said an inappropriate joke. I've done it several times already.
This is an LDR.
She gets mad when I'm not there for her. I try my best to be there for her all the time, but I always fail. The time difference makes a huge problem and the fact I'm away on vacation. She wants me to give her attention when I can't, but I try my best to.

I said that joke and she got really mad saying she doesn't want to fucking talk to me again.

Why am I such a bad boyfriend that I can't keep my girlfriend happy no matter how hard I try?


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  • Maybe she's just hard to please.

    • I don't know I can never tell. I don't know when she jokes and when she doesn't. Society tells me I need to step away from a girl who says no. I need to play a passive role in the relationship

    • I agree maybe she is that ard to please but on the other hand maybe you guys aren't that compatible... you should take time and think about this !

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