If there are things wrong with most girls I meet is that my problem, or have I just not found the right woman yet?

I am really picky when it comes to girls, not so much with looks but more with other stuff that the girl does. So I prefer to date women who are getting useful degrees at college (Medical, Business, Science) as oppose to people majoring in things that will probably result in them being financially dependent on me. I like to date girls who are similar to me (introverted and extroverted depending on the situation, it is extremely hard to find women like this), who are easy for me to talk to, and who are family oriented, not party girls, and religious just like me. I also like women who are politically similar to me, and also morally similar to me. On top of that she has to be at least decent looking (6/10+) Is this too much to ask? As of right now I have met a whopping 1 woman in my life who met my criteria, and despite wanting desperately to be with her the relationship was not possible considering she lives about 3,500 miles from me. Anyway I keep trying to figure out if I am too demanding with my standards, or if I just haven't met the right girl. I mean I dont think my standards are that hard considering there are a large number of religious, non partying, family oriented girls out there. I just haven't met many girls who are that, as well as good looking, politically similar to me who I get along with and with a good degree, who is either interested in me or not taken already. It is really difficult to find girls like that, so I am wondering if I need to lower my standards or not.(Just to be clear I meet all of my own standards, and girls say I am good looking, so its not like I am demanding more then what I am).


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  • You sound a bit demanding, but you have to be easy on your standards if you want to me et the correct girl. How come you phone or text the girl that you like? It will help you if you still like her.


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  • Different standards are not necessarily lower standards.

    You're a very young man so let me tell you honestly that you need to develop the self-awareness and humility to go with your beauty, morality, intelligence, ambition and financial independence.

    Still being honest, let me tell you that your post--though apparently honest and sincere--reads as parody, in many ways, or as the germ of an improv skit.

    As such, it is not likely that the man described above will find a terrific, long-term romantic match. But, again, you are very young, and with time you may find a path likelier to lead to success, not just in the academic or career trajectory, but in the things that actually make life worth living.


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