I told him to stop talking to me and now he blocked me?

as talking to this guy for 2 months. He really liked me because when we were both on vacation he would call, text and FaceTime almost everyday just to know how I was doing and to talk. We got in an argument last weekend because I needed to ask him a serious question and he said to ask him tomorrow not today because he wasn't in the mood to argue. I got pissed off and went off on him and basically told him to f*** off and to take care because I wasn't in the mood to keep getting played. He never responded but he sent me a random snap on snapchat and yesterday (a week after we last spoke) he wrote to me about a snap I put up and then asked how I've been. I told him fantastic, and then he said if that's because I haven't talked to him then maybe he shouldn't bother me (and he put 3 emojis of a wink with a tongue out). Then I responded "we haven't talked? I didn't even notice haha" and he didn't respond. And right now I Checked and he Just deleted me from snapchat! Does he hate me now or did my comment hurt him? why did he delete me now? I'm pretty offended that he hasn't even tried to talk after I told him to leave me alone.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If u wanted him to stop talking to u why do u care that he blocked u? like seriously.

    • It was in the heat of the moment.. I thought he would try to fix things. Not just cut communication off completely by deleting me. That's like he never cared that much at all

    • Yeah girls do that a lot. y'all are 90% emotion. The last comment u sent to him is what done it. it made it seemed like u didn't care. u got to understand guys can get hurt to

What Girls Said 1

  • Your comment obviously hurt him more than he would ever admit.


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