Tips on getting friendly with high school girls?

I'm going to high school in 2 weeks and I really want some tips to get some attention towards me. Im not the athletic type so that my not be a good thing. In previous grades I've gotten my attention for being the smart but funny guy. Should I groom up or just wait for the girls to come to me? Also should I spice up my look? any general advice on how to get girls to notice me in the first month of high school is greatly appreciated.
Also I'm not exactly new to the dating scene so I just want to make a statement to the new girls I'll be seeing


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  • Don't wait for the girls to come to you. Introduce yourself to them and talk to them. Act like you're interested in the things they have to say. You don't need to spice up your look that much. Spice up your personality. Be more interesting, crack more jokes.


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  • Be funny, that'll help.

    Dress as well as you feel like, and good hygiene of course. I still recommend leaving the button up shirts (and fancier) for special events so you'll look even better. Don't use too much cologne or deodorant ever.

    Just talk with as many girls as possible. They're fun. You'll learn from them too.


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