Am I In The Right Relationship?

So far I've been dating this guy for about two years we have strong feelings for eachother but we are young he is 21and i am 19 but it's good things and bad things about this relationship... ik ik relationships aren't prefect but he seems not to stand up for me meaning lets say if a guy hit on me he would ignore it or get upset with me also his so called best friend tried to talk to me which was totally werid and when i confronted him he told me he owned up to it? You probably don't see the big picture but i am trying to ask is he soft? After that he offered me to smoke with him (weed) i kinda thought to myself if would a guy ever offered weed to me if he has feelings?


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  • He wants to get comfortable and wants you to accept him for the things he does. And we'll he does seem like he doesn't like problems which is why he won't say much of a guy hit on u


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