How can I express my feelings to him?

I met a guy on tinder and have hung out with him over the past few months... We hooked up on our third date and I really started to like him. Ever since then he stopped taking me out on date and asked me to be "monogamous" I said that I didn't think I could do that and he said it's okay with him. Now he never asks me on dates, he just asks me to come over and calls me his friends with benefits. I was okay with this at first, but now I am getting attached to him and want more from him. He's told me before he doesn't want a relationship and I said that I didn't want one either (because I am scared and am fighting my feelings for him). Anyway, we've been texting at least everyday and seeing each other once a week. We are both still active on tinder. I get really really sad when I don't hear from him and it also bothers me that he doesn't even want to go out and do fun stuff with me anymore but I see him go out and do fun stuff with his friends. I feel hooked. Should I even bother? If I end things, how should I end them? Thanks in advance.


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  • Men are sex driven. Motivate him in other ways. Make him feel special, and he will do the same. Guys have a soft inside, you just gotta find it.

    • This is good advice. I ended up telling him how I felt, along with being extremely nice to him the last few weeks, and he doesn't seem to be reciprocating. He also told me he doesn't want to be monogamous anymore and wants to date other people, I said okay and if he changes his mind to let me know but until then I am not putting in any more energy into our "friendship". :(

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  • You can just mention to him that you changed your mind and you would like to have monogamous relations with him. You can also tell him that you are getting more attached to him and that is not helping you deal with things.

    • I did this and he ended up saying that he still wants to go out and meet other people and I told him that if he changes his mind to contact me but until then I don't want to put any more energy toward our friendship. Bummer :/ I sortof feel like he might have been saying the whole monogamy thing to get into my pants and wasn't serious about it...

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