Did I say too much on first date?

So I met a guy Friday night at a bar, met up again Saturday night for a drink with friends and then went on a date Sunday. We talked about a lot of things, but I talk a lot and I'm always overthinking stuff and feel I might ruin my chances with someone I might like. I basically said I've only been with one guy but that I'm not close minded about sex if I'm feeling someone after getting to know the person well. So he kept saying he was confused if I meant I'd like to or that I don't want to go home with him because he didn't mean anything by a previous invitation to his place as hooking up he wouldn't like to make me feel uncomfortable is what he said. So he said that after our conversation , it sounded like I've dated assholes who just tried to hook up and that it is fine to be honest that he does not want me thinking he is just trying to hook up.

We kissed goodnight, he texted right after I got home and the next day but I'm afraid he might think I'm just complicated... if that makes any sense... did I say too much
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  • He just wants to take it slow, give it time, everything should be fine.


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  • try to just relax and not think about, dont be to pushy with him, let him contact you when he's ready. maybe on the next date try to be a little careful of what you say

    • He actually texted the next day... got lucky i guess huh haha

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  • TMI for sure

    • I felt that too, hopefully i didn't scare him away. You dont talk about any of this?

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