Guys, Why he wouldn't just tell me anything?

This guy is my friend, but we used to like each other long ago. We haven't lived in the same place for years, so we just kept in touch by phone. We had a great time and we really were happy when we finally met.

The problem is that after we met I realized I still like him and I felt he does too but he is shy or doesn't want to be emotiionally attached to me, maybe because we live long distance apart. He would do nice things and his eyes on mine all the time - he looks down when I smile at him. My friends say he could have told me then and not lose me, which I think is right. I can't ask him if he likes me still because I don't want to get rejected or lose him as a friend. I know he might be thinking the same.

So do I just forget this liking thing- though I am sure we will be very happy together?

Can shyness make a guy not say anything?


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  • Yes, being shy can make a guy clam up, especially if he likes you and his self esteem is low. He may have put a wall up. I think the best thing to do is to tell him how you feel about him. Tell him you like him. He may be looking for some security from you to protect his feelings from getting hurt. Don't ask him if he likes you, tell him you like him, and give him some time to digest that. Good luck!


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