What to do after approaching a girl?

I finally had the courage to go and talk to a girl I like in uni I'm sure she likes me back like many signs were shown on her side now is the second day we talked yesterday and today and had really deep conversations what to do next?


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  • Keep talking to her and ask for her number if you feel comfortable doing it

    • I feel comfortable to do so I only want a way , I mean im searching for a mutual thing so that I ask for her number to do such a thing together , am I right?

    • Yeah, that's good, try to ask about her interests to find out what she likes

    • She likes reading books and do voluntary works beside continuing her pharmacy study

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  • That is a good start. Ask her out on a date to get to know each other better. Good luck on to you.

    • Yeah I think I want her number first thanks mate for ur help

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    • As u said

    • Yes, I'm sure she will like that you're not afraid to ask her. Just be casual and I'm sure things will go smoothly.

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  • Flirt with her.. 😉

    • She has like a flower on her hand I knew its a sticker but I asked her do you draw? she said no I said this flower on ur hand is nice and she said it's a sticker lol but I did that on a purpose she sensed the flirt 😆

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    • Ty tho

    • no problem.. :)

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