Guys, Why am I being ignored?

I've been talking with a guy everyday for 2 weeks. He messages me as soon as he gets to work and we text all day through to bed time. We get a long so well and he's told me he really likes me. I told him today that I have a bad feeling because he hasn't asked to catch up with me despite him making comments like "I wish you were here" or "I wish I was with you" we had plans which he had to cancel last week. I told him that I feel like im been taken for a ride and he said he likes me and is so excited to see me he promises he'll make time he's just busy atm and I said okay that's alright but maybe we should hold off on the I wish u were here messages until we actually meet. He then said what are you doing this weekend?
i said working Saturday then nothing what about you? He didn't reply which is unlike him.
Then I text him and said I apologise if I pissed you off, I hope you had a good day x"
he hasn't replied to that yet either and that was an hour ago. Why on earth would he be ignoring me? :(


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  • Try to be patient and give him more time. Sometimes my girlfriend can take as much as 2 days to reply to something. (although it's usually much sooner) It's hard to sit there waiting for the phone to chime, but just sit on it for a while and try to think about something else. He just may be tied up with something.

  • Maybe his phone broke or stopped working so he can't contact you back.


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