What are some good first date ideas with a girl I already know?

I've known this girl for some time now and finally decided to ask her out. She said yes but as we were both really busy, we decided to talk about the date later. Do you have any ideas? I don't really want to be cliché and ask her for a movie date and I'm afraid we might run out of ideas to talk at dinner since we know each other really well already.


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  • What does she like to do? Since you know her I'm sure you must know her likes and dislikes... If you want go do something spontaneous like have a picnic by a lake or go horseriding, or sign up for a baking course with her.


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  • You wanna know what i did on a date? I left it unplanned and explored the part of the city i haven't been in. We ended on the coast, and found a farmers market to sample some unique foods. There also was this awsome seafood Restaurant on a boat. Then we just sat on the bench and watched the sun set for the night.

    • Sometimes dates are best left unplanned so that it adds to the element of surprise. XD

    • *only works if you live somewhere that isn't boring as fuck

    • Or be really good at improvising. Like checking out awsome antique stores or local retail shops and such. Finding strange but awsome little restaurants.

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