Guys, Why is it okay for a guy to ask the girl how she is feeling/thinking about things, but if the girl ever asks the guy he kind of freaks out?


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  • Guys have been taught to suppress their emotions for their entire life (anecdotal evidence: when my female cousin and I fell off our bikes while learning how to ride, i'll never forget how my aunt nursed my cousin's wounds and told me to stop crying since I was a boy) . A guy freaks out because of shock; he doesn't know how to deal with someone forcing him to reflect on his feelings... he usually doesn't do it.

    • Isn't it fair that the girl knows his intentions? Especially when he asks her first?

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    • "You're a strong woman lol." Many guys assume that women are better at understanding their feelings than men, so they unfairly ask questions about how a woman feels while not expecting those same questions to be put towards them.

    • yeah I suppose so! I guess they really don't understand women ha ha especially not me. I'm a weirdo lol I don't fit the typical standards.

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  • Now this is new to me! Maybe just SOME guys freak out for such reasons.

    • They always seem to pull away if I ask what they're thinking about things

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    • Even I have no issues opening up at all, irrespective of the other person's gender. I don't feel embarrassed either.

    • Well that's good!

  • We're not use to it


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