When older women (40+) get hit on by younger guys and they feel a mutual attraction to them, do they automatically feel like they are entitled?

to buy those guys whatever they want in return?

you know at first i though a cougar was just a woman over the age of 40 that digs younger guys. but now as i'm getting deeper into it it also seems that these "cougars" buy these younger guys gifts etc in order to keep them coming back for more i guess. i mean i dont know how many of you guys ever seen this old commercial on a cougar dating site. the commercial takes place at some bar with a young guy browsing around then a young girl approaches him and ask him if he can buy her a drink, then all of the sudden the cougar comes along and grabs the young girl and tosses her aside and tell the young man "how about i buy YOU a drink?"

it also seems like this is how it functions in reality too as my cousin who is two years older than me once had a cougar grip on to him. this lady took things to the extreme with this guy, she bought him a 40" 1080px Sony plasma screen tv, a pair of Beats By Dre headsets, a PS4 and a few other expensive goodies within a 3 month period. coincidently during this time my cousin got a speeding ticket within this time frame and he vent it out with her and she even volunteer to pay that ticket for him! lol my attitude was "oooookkkayyy"

anyway i just want to get a heads up since i've always wanted to experiment with a cougar one day. but if I ( a young guy) one day goes out and approaches and hits on an older woman and she likes me back does this mean she's automatically gonna assume that i'm gonna expect all of these things from her?

i pray to God that this is a NO NO as this will make me feel pathetic. you know my attitude is that i am a man and when i want something you best believe i will go out and work for it to make it mines. i really dont need a woman i'm dating pampering me worst she would with a spoil brat son of her's.


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  • No. But I think because the ladies you speak of act a certain way, they attract a certain type of guy.


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  • "Does this mean she's automatically gonna assume that i'm gonna expect all of these things from her?" Do you think all people are exactly alike?

    • No, but since it seems that this how that trend is functioning i just wanted to double check so i won't have to go out to world later on and give off the wrong signals

    • You can't possibly believe that every older woman who wants a younger man operates with precisely the same strategy. You don't need to ask anyone.

      Does every guy try to kiss a girl on the first date?
      Does every girl want you to open her car door?
      Does every girl like roses?
      Does every girl want to get married?
      Does every girl want to have children?

      Do you get the idea?

    • yes i do but again its a little tough to react to things that appear to be cultural or traditional. but yea i now feel more secure

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  • No, I don't see her assuming she has to spoil you, and if she doesn't you will leave her. I've dated a cougar and the opposite was true. She expected me to treat her the same as I would treat a girl closer to my own age, and to fulfill her basic needs as her husband did for years (help pay bills, pick up the tab at restaurants, buy her drinks, etc.). It's been my experience that the ones who spoil the younger man do it as a means of spending their well-off husband's money on the young man simply to get back at the husband after he cheated on her and had an affair during their marriage. And it's only the women who had well-off husbands who financed their entire marriage while they spent all their time at gym, mall, and under the plastic surgeon's knife. The working stiffs who never reached financial comfort in their marriage won't spoil you because they're mindful of the value of a dollar.


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