Guys, what is one way to impress a girls parents? Should I take her family out for a special dinner? To prove I'm a Good guy?

We've been together for a year and I haven't meet her family yet because she's been busy. So I want to take family out to dinner is that a Good idea?
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  • Don't surprise her with dinner with her family, because it would be forcing the decision on her without consulting her.

    Talk with her. You've been together for a year. It's time to trust her. If meeting her parents is important to you, make sure that she knows that. If she's just dodging the issue, she may have a reason that she doesn't want her family to meet you. Maybe she thinks her family's a bunch of dicks and doesn't want to scare you away.

    Consider asking her to meet your family first, especially if you're anxious about that.

    If she really just has no time, ask her if you can arrange dinner.


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  • That's no how you proof you are a good guy.

    Better talk about your aims and career ambitions. Her parents will see that you are no low-life who just hangs around and won't get anywhere.
    Dress well too, but do not be overdressed.

    Be polite by all means and don't start an argument either

  • You haven't met them at all yet?
    If you answered yes maybe a dinner would be too much

    Pick their daughter up from their house one day and introduce yourself

    Oh and after you should ask your girlfriend if it's alright if you treat her family to a dinner

  • You have nothing to 'prove' to her parents. Don't try to impress. Just be who you are. If you want to take her family out to dinner, do it because you just want to, not because you want to impress them.

  • surprise her about the dinner, but give hints on what type of place it is, like formal or casual.
    Make sure you can afford it and that it is nice enough. Done be nervous man, parents can smell fear, especially a girls dad.

  • Who are you dating? the girl or her parents?

  • I'm lucky that I've always been liked by the parents of my girlfriends. The trick is to talk to them like they are people and to not be intimidated. Find a common interest and discuss it. If you see football regalia around the house and you like football, ask about it. Good conversation leads to comfort.

    Everyone wants their daughter to date a socially well adjusted guy, this signals a lot of good things to them.


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