Why is My boyfriend upset with me?

Me and my boyfriend went out to smoke weed and hang out i was supposed to be home at 8pm and i got home at 11pm then my dad yelled at him about me being home at the right exact time after that he text me we can't work out I don't know if he's upset or just done and that is the first time my dad went off on him


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  • Sounds like to me something similar with my ex/s has said before, he's upset as you had a certain time you needed to be home by. As you are old enough now to be home at a time even if it is later.
    Once when I was 18 and at my bf's place at the time, it was like 3 or 4 in the morning and my folks said I needed to come home he got so angry as he's like why couldn't I have just stayed over. He goes you are older now not a child.
    He might see it as your parents controling you.
    Have you messaged or call and ask him why?
    And that is low of him to just text it to you he should have at least calles you and explain -_-

    • Yeah he's the type to want no drama and when did text him it was out of anger bc he do not do this uless he's super pissed

    • Which is a fair point.
      But it doesn't hurt to ask him and ask why?
      As if you don't know makes you worried.

      I hope you guys talk soon and all will be good?

  • just give him time.


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