Is she interested in me?

I like this girl at my church we have been talking on Facebook for a week or so and I just got her number, every time I'm at church I always catch her staring at me and smiling really big. She is heading to college about 3 hours away for her senior year but I'd be willing to still date her. I asked her when she comes back one weekend or whatever if she'd like to go get lunch or something. Did I ask her out the right way? Her response was: yeah that sounds cool, I'm just sooo super busy during the school year! Haha. She's the kind of girl that is straight up truthful so by what she said and her always looking at me what do you think. And I preached my first sermon and had it put on CDs but she hurried up and gotta copy before anybody else are these signs she's interested help!


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  • She's interested.


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