Should I give this girl another chance?

I had a date over the weekend with beautiful girl who goes to my college. However it didn't end so well. Her ex showed up and made this gigantic scene. She tells him to leave and that she is on a date with me. He turned his attention to me. He starts arguing with me and I just saw I don't want any trouble. He then pushes me against the wall hurting my back. I told the girl that I don't date women with crazy ex's and who have a ton of drama and just left her there. Her friends picked her up. Should I give her another chance? Was I wrong for leaving?


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  • It's not really about u giving her a chance. I think it's more vice versa. Yes, u were wrong to leave her there. It wasn't her fault that her ex showed up.
    If she can forgive u for leaving her, and ignore the fact that u kinda punked out maybe u should apologize and try again...

    • Wait? How is this my fault? I left because my back was injured and couldn't defend myself.

    • U couldnt take her with u? Give her a ride home at least?

    • At the time I wasn't thinking about that. I was concerned for my own health but she forgave me.

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  • WtF man? she's not the problem, the EX is.
    Why did you leave her? Afraid of the guy? ell it happens, but she's with you! You are winning!

    • Hell yeah, I was afraid. I'm not getting my ass kicked over a woman.

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    • Look, you will always find girls with EXs. The majority may be jealous of you, it's the reality. So what are you going to do, always run when they give signal? can't be man, just use your brain to get away of troube. Go get your lady man !!

    • It's worth the risk. I'll go for it.

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  • Why did you leave her? No, no, no.

    I would say "It's up to you if you want to give her a chance" but leaving her alone, with her ex, on your date.. Wrong 😣

    You said she was beautiful, you had advantage over him because she was with you.


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  • ''He then pushes me against the wall hurting my back''
    ''I told the girl that I don't date women with crazy ex's and who have a ton of drama and just left her there.''

    ''Was I wrong for leaving? ''
    No shit Sherlock, I don't know what's worse being a pushover or leaving her there.

  • That went well. No dude; you mentioned she's beautiful so stay away from her dude. True Story..


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