Girls, 16-24 age range only please, would/could you be attracted to and date a guy who went prematurely bald and shaved his head at 18?

I'm only 18 and balded very early, I'm white and worry it'll make girls uninterested. BRUTAL HONESTY please I admit I'll only ever date girls I think are very attractive physically and won't bash you for thinking the same
  • Yes I could, bald even this young doesn't make a guy unattractive or plain
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  • No, to me it's a turn off, I'd wait for the 99% with hair at this age
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  • Sorry in 26, so i hope you don't mind my opinion.
    Hair on a man, or no hair in this case, has never worried me, it will all fall out on most men in the end. Just don't try a comb over, or any form of cover up, that just looks bad. Bite the bullet and shave it short all over.
    Bold can be sexy if it comes with a good personality


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  • I used to and still do see it as somewhat of a turn off as far as physical traits I like, but I don't judge solely on looks so its not a deal breaker. I believe my boyfriend who is now 25 started balding prematurely and I like him more than I've liked anyone else. If someone won't date you because of that then they might be immature and shallow and not worth your time anyway.

    • But you are saying a bald guy can't rely on looks to attract someone though, yes I've got a good personality but at a party when I go for a girl I only go for ones I think look good first and then personality comes in, same goes for them and as you say a bald guy can't have much physical allure so I'd be rejected especially by the very attraxtive ones.

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    • Also I don't understand your response fully, you are agreeing a bald man can't really rely on looks? I'm just confused on what you meant

    • Sorry for any confusion. I said that its not a deal breaker and I wasn't lying when I said many girls I know that are my age find it attractive. This will be my last response since I don't want to cause any more confusion.

  • Bald would not be an automatic turn off, no.

    Actually for me it tends to be too much hair that is a bit of a turn off...

    • Could I ask what your ethnicity is? I've noticed white girls seem especially against bald heads as opposed to other races (which is unfortunate for me given I only ever tend to be attracted to white girls) and I've been doing a social experiment on the different races of people and if they have different traits they like in a patterns physicality.

  • Yes sure, if his personality is nice

    • Could I ask a question? This mighty e strange but what's your ethnicity? I ask because I'm only ever attracted to white girls and in my experiences that's the group that dislikes it most,

    • Filipino actually

  • Yes, some guys look so hot with bald heads.

    • This might sound strange... what ethnicity are you? I've noticed darker girls seem less put off by bakd and more attracted by it than white girls. What sucks is I'm only ever attracted to white so that kinda screws me over given that group seems to hate it more

    • Brazilian

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