How do you feel about dating someone taller than you?

This question is more for guys...would you date a girl that's taller than you? would it make you feel like you were less masculine?


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  • Oh man I've seen a couple guys in relationships like this. Its different, like I'm 6'0 and if the girl is like 6'1 or summin I suppose I wouldn't care a lot but if she was significantly taller like 6'3 6'4 I would feel weird especially since I am already tall. I mean I know a girl who is like an ince or 2 taller than me but she is crazy hot so I would definitely date her. I think the only time I would feel les masculine is if she was like taller and diesel lol, I've seen sum female athletes like that and I felt a little bad that they were in better shape


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  • Even though it may make you feel "less masculine",

    dont judge a girl by her height.

    If you really like someone,

    height should'nt matter.


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  • Being as I'm 6'3 - I would think it's extremely wierd. I've only met 2 women my entire life that are taller than me.

    My best friends mother - who is a body builder *Trembles* "I don't wanna p*ss that lady off"

    A girl during my highschool years - she was amazing at basketball, I would choose her first

    So basically - it depends on their personality more than their physical features. We are all born different - why try to use stereotypes and be judgemental?

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  • I would have no problem with it at all because I fail to see how height in any way relates to masculinity. Height is just a matter of how you're built. I'd date a girl who was 7 feet tall just as soon as I'd date a girl who was 5 feet tall.

  • lol Highschool days. Okay to make a long story short I liked this tall girl in my first hour like 6'3. But she was beautiful and smart. Then one day I hit on her and she told me I wasn't tall enough to ride this (her) ride(she worked at and amusement part). So I'm not gonna lie I was crushed upon her say that (but of course I had to play it off cmon guys you feel me) so I told her she didn't know what she was missing on the bumper cars lol. (1st thing I could think of) Now you would think that would be it but after that she kept coming on to ME yes ME and gave me her number. So to answer you no I wouldn't feel less masculine probably more because that's a lot of woman lol j/k but a tall girl is none the less still a female... Unless she's a bodybuilder lol