Is it easier or harder for people to find a date in their 30s?

I'll be 30 in 2 years so I'm wondering. Most of this happens to people in their 20s and teens and by 30s, many usually end up finding someone. I've never dated or kissed, never had a girlfriend, or hooked up but not really fussed about it anymore like I did during my teens and in my early to mid 20s but it is still bit of a concern. Because it seems like every month, there is someone I know who is getting married. So many friends of mine have gotten married or are about to get married. Some even have kids and me being almost 28, I feel like I still haven't grown up due to zero experience with the opposite sex. 10 years ago and even 5 years back, I used to be very desperate for girls and lack of attention from them killed me. Now I'm not desperate because I feel like I can live without sex and whatever but seeing how so many people I know are settled or getting married, I feel like I'm just weird or not normal. Like what am I doing with my life. So yeah, I know this is long but this is why I'm wondering if it's easier or harder to find a date in your 30s.
I completely forgot that I asked a similar question couple of months back
Anyways you don't have to answer since it's repetitive but I'm still wondering


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