What type of girls should I be into?

I don't know i am being completely honest here, i want to date a girl that doesn';t like black guys because i'm threatened by them, seriously i saw stats that they don't marry whites as much but searching through hastag mcm yesterday an every page i saw 2 or 3, if noth every other page had these type of couples and i got angry because where i live i don't see whites i am fro mthe Caribean it was my dream to go abroab and marry one but I don't know and some of the mare not bad looking, i think maybe i can't understand because whee they r from, maybe it's so big that a lot of them have low self esteem so they settle with these men who to me are very ugly on average, and back home a lot of chinese imigrants are going with these men even latina women i see a lot not just on instagram but in real with these men, so please help me out and today in Trinidad a lo of indian girls are seemingly in love with these type of guys so many of them are going with them and putting them up as their MCM, it get's me hurt i don't know if i have a chance hopefuly not all girls are like that right? I don't know maybe i have issues but i need help


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  • there isn't a type you "should" be into. everyone likes different things.


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