Are theese signs this girl likes me?

looks at me a lot
smiles at me
laughs at my jokes
iniates conversation - starts talking to me 1st and asks me questions
put lipstick on infront of me
nipped my back
charged into back of my chair at work
told me other guys are after her
called me babe a few times
waited for me to finish work and walked up with me
waved at me a few times
shouts my name when she sees me
tried to sneak up on me at work and scare me
she randomly gets things for me at work if i need them
during our text messages she says haha a lot, uses exclamation marks and says longer words like hhiiiiiii


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  • looks > I look at people a lot
    smiles at me > I smile at lots of people
    laughs at my joke > if she laughs at your jokes way more than other people, that's a good sign
    initiates conversations > does she do this with others, or is she just chatty with you. If just with you, good sign.
    put lipstick on infront of me > this seems like something a girl wouldn't do because she'd think it was too... obvious? Depends on the girl.
    charged into back of chair > playful, good sign
    other guys after her > same situation as the lipstick
    called you babe > same situation as above. I'm starting to think she's a girl who likes making it a little obvious, so that's a good sign.
    waiting to finish work > again with the obvious thing. This is something a friend would do. I'd do it to my crush, but I doubt she'd do it to me.
    waved > friendly or?
    shouts name > ^

    Everything else could be friendly things. Many of these are friendly things. Look for more physical contact, and eye contact even when you aren't talking.

    • maybe she out the lipstick on because she wants me to notice her, and the telling me about guys because she wanted to make me jealous and let me know, make a move because others want me aswell

    • I've already told u 3 things todo with eye contact mate, she looks at me, she's smiles and laughs a lot, she seems happy and excited around me, and she's doing it all with eye contact

    • okay mate, but everyone will give you eye contact when they do those things. Sit close to her, stare into her eyes for a few seconds without saying anything, and see what happens.

      She might've wanted to make you jealous with the lipstick thing and the other guys thing, but think about it: she'd do and talk about those same exact things with her friends.

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