Girls, do you think my girlfriend really likes this? Can you relate?

So, occasionally while we're messing around, my girlfriend will give me a piggyback for a little, and lately she has talked about how it's kind of hot when I ride her. She'll also pull me on her lap sometimes and hold me there like a cradle. Is this like a turn on for her? Why would she like this? Can you relate?
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  • It's definitely a turn on I know because I do it sometimes, I treat my boyfriend like a little kid and sometimes I sit on his lap but it's kinda fun when he's sitting on my lap... His body heats gets to me and I start getting turned on a little and feel like I want some more 😅

    • Wow! I guess I should let her carry me around a little more lol

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    • Very true! Any pointers for me to really turn her on while she's lifting me?

    • Message me, don't like to just share out all of my secrets out they're a little kinky

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  • I actually use my boyfriend for partner squats all the time lol. I do like it when he has his legs wrapped around me and his arms over my shoulders. It makes me feel powerful and in control which is nice sometimes

  • Sounds like someone got a giantess fetish. Quite common actually. I like being dominant, but not that kind of style

  • I prefer to be the one being cradled...


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