Is it ok to pretend to be poor while secretly having an extra (hidden) account?

The giveaway is obviously when someone knows I'm living alone and have been for about 7 months (will be 19 next month) and also when they see my 2012 Sedan. Another time was when someone saw I had three cells.

I usually just end up lying by saying that one of my family members still contributes some days (not really) and never tell any date my real earning. I pretend to be poor and frugal (basically tell them I'm kind of broken because I'm paying for my classes) and will continue. Told my recent date about being stressed out and how I had an upcoming exam, in reality I spend more that day when I was out with my best friend and a couple family members.

I don't trust easily (unless it's a very closed member) and that's personal information they shouldn't know. Then they're going to probably want me to contribute much more.
So basically, the date thinks I only have an average earning and so understands why I only spend limited, supposedly ''what I can do at the moment''... unaware that I got more than that. lol


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  • You don't trust easily yet you're being deceptive at the same time. Is this so called date a potential relationship or are you just using them to foot the bill when you go out places? If you have to ask GAG permission for being deceptive you already know inside you feel somewhat guilty about it.

    • He's not my boyfriend. We've been only hanging out for two weeks.

    • Okay. Put yourself in his shoes. What if he did the same to you without telling you and hiding it. Would you trust him?

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  • Don't start a relationship (even just a date) by lying. It'll come back to bite you in the a** later and it's not fair to the guy. You don't need to disclose personal information too soon. Just tell him that you aren't comfortable discussing that right now.


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  • Yes! It leaves money out of the equation, and will scare away shallow guys. You want the ones interested in you, not your account.


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