How do u ask a guy to be monogamous?

If you've been going out for like a month or two (3-5 dates) and you want to be exclusive, how do u approach it or bring it up, but most importantly ask? There has been kissing but no sex of any kind.


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  • you do not ask, you demand it. If you want a monogamous relationship, you have two options, marry him, or insist that, if you are going to to have sex with him, he must be ready to be only with you. This usually takes time in a relationship. Most men, if they are not married (and even if they are sometimes), believe that they have the right to play around until they marry someone. So, you need to know what kind of guy heis and if he is interested enough in you to make it a monogamous thing. You have to tell him that is the only way it will work. Still, you will need to know him well enough to trust he will live with those terms, not just agree to them.


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  • I make sure the atmosphere is playful and then say, "You know what? I really like you." and then hear what he has to say and then I'll say, "So what do you think about me?" and then usually from there, you will know what he looking forward to with you.


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  • Just be upfront about it, direct and keep it simple

  • Guys shouldn't be forced to be monogamous. It's like domesticating a tom cat into a house cat. He will be miserable and loose everything that makes him a male. He will become a dormant pathetic shell of his former self, anesthetizing himself with porn looking through the window at the other cats remembering how much fun he used to have.

    • First things first, *lose
      2nd, where did it say I would "force" him. I just want to be the only girl he has sex with. I want to be his girlfriend, in no way shape or form would I "force" him or make him feel emasculated.

    • 1st things first. Fuck off with your typing error attack. Only people in a losing arguments do that, it's a childish attempt at gaining any foothold. Mistakes happen, it has no bearing on the argument.

      2nd, NO where did I say YOU forced him, I simply said "Guys shouldn't be forced", your projecting that idea upon yourself.

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