A girl texts my boyfriend about her problems?

There has been this girl who has been my friend before but she kept over stepping her boundaries in my life so I cut her out recently. When she used to make plans with my boyfriend and I she would always call him or text him to make plans, sometimes she called/ texted me. Take note she has also been dating someone on/ off again for a while so I looked past her texting my boyfriend for a while because she didn't seem like a threat. Well, I told her I wasn't interested in hanging out anytime soon and last night she texts my boyfriend about some of her problems and I was uncomfortable with that because after I cut her out she went to him. I expressed that I was uncomfortable with this to my boyfriend and he got mad at me for asking him to stop texting her because he said just because she and I weren't on good terms that didn't mean he couldn't still be her friend. Is this normal? Am I totally over reacting? I don't want to control my boyfriend. I just cut her out of my life for various reasons to better my life and I don't want to make the wrong decisions with him. Thoughts? Thanks all!


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  • You're not overreacting, thay girl wants to take away your boyfriend. And it seems your boyfriend thinks that it's alright for him to talk to a girl whose more interested in him... YOU should tell him that your uncomfortable and if he truly cared he would stop talking to her for your sake, for the relationship... My boyfriend texts girls (classmates) but I do tell him and he listens to me and often he says I'll show u what I write, if u deem it as wrong I'll stop so I'm sure that your guy can make a good decision you just need to tell him that u feel insecure, you're scared of losing him etc.. Make a little dramalello

    • Alright thanks! I also forgot to mention that they were friends before me and she is dating her boyfriend again I just don't like when she talks to my boyfriend about her deep emotional problems. She has her own boyfriend for that. At least that's my thinking. I would never go to her boyfriend about stuff like that

    • I understand but it can also mean that your boyfriend is planning something suspicious, I'm not saying that u should be a little freaky and confront him or be suspicious and break your relationship but what I'm trying to say is that, your boyfriend once he accepts you as his girlfriend he has no right to text other girls that are likely to break u two up... Hé might not be the guy you were looking for but seriously I hate bitches like those that think it's fine to take my man away just because I worked hard and you didn't to win his heart ♥

    • I agree thanks so much

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  • Nope. You're not over reacting at all. She's texting him about her " problems" because she wants to be with him. As the saying goes... a shoulder to cry on becomes a d**k to ride on. Don't trust that girl.

  • Over reacting I think.


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