Why is there such male back lash against dating single moms?

My co-workers and I were talking about woman at work. We work at remote drilling camps in the arctic for weeks on end so the subject of woman is a constant. He was telling me about his wife and kids and asked me about myself. I told him I'm single want to go back to school and he just asked if I'm "hitting up" any girls. I said I know this girl I've been talking too but everytime I'm in town on RnR she's busy with her kid. After I said kid he told me not to even bother that it's not worth it I'll never be her priority ever. Then he called some of the other co-workers in and had the group of guys we work with tell me how bad of an idea it is.
I just said I was talking to her not even dating and I was still looking but being away from civilization make it impossible to date. They all went as far as to tell me they'll take my money and I'll be stuck raising some retard's kid that will never love or respect me. I just said "alright... guess single moms are not a subject to bring up." I figured it's just a bunch of guys talking shit to each other but it seems to be a common thing guys say or think.


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  • I am a single mother and I didn't choose that but I found love with another man and I don't take money from him or force him to raise my baby. My not all women like me but still it isn't that bad as what some guys think.


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  • Tenchu11, that is HIS opinion, don't let it sweat ya. Yes her kid is a priority and I wouldn't date a woman with children that DIDN'T make it that way. To me, that would make her irresponsible and uncaring and eventually she would be that way with you. A woman that is a loving caring mom, is a damn good woman in my book. --Big huge props to all the single moms out there doing right by their kids.--

    Think about it this way, did/does your mom love you? don't you think she's a good woman? Most likely, yes. Well there you go.

    You want a good woman, unless your only looking for a short time fling. If she is truly interested in you that way, she will make time for you. *Bonus tip, if you want in good with the mom, let her see you be nice and friendly with her kid. (But don't do it just cuz you wanna get laid, do it cuz it's the right thing to do) You don't have to be his dad, just be nice.

    • I'm Not not looking to date a single mom I'm more of a go with the flow kind of guy mother or not I don't really care. I wouldn't hold it againts her if she had kids. But conflict between priorities I don't expect to be her first priority but hurt with schedule

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  • Depends on the reason.

    If she got married, had a kid, and things between her and her man ultimately didn't work out, that's fine.

    If she's having kids without being in an actual, REAL commitment, then she's fucking stupid. Stay the fuck away.

  • I didn't believe it either, until I'd seen it happen a few times. My uncle, my father, his, and one of my best friends have all been screwed over by a either a single mom, or simply marrying a girl who later left them and sat on thier asses while collecting alimony. It's not as far fetched as it sounds, and obviously not every woman will do this to you, but it is a constant danger when getting involved.

    • Single mothers aren't worth the trouble. Why have a woman who has a previously occupied sign on her vagina? Fuck that shit ! You need someone to have a fresh start. Fuck driving
      a used car when you don't have to. At any age.

  • Always a bad experience for me but no doubt there are exceptions.


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