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Lol ever thought how crazy it is when you decide man I'm not dating anyone and POW you meet someone who has to literally be snipped out of a catalog of your future husband? No? Ok fine honeymoon stage 😂. Well in the whirlwind of a new relationship how do you guys stay grounded? I met this new beau at Starbucks... And than we went to a couple church events together and than maybe two hours before we walked into church together he asked me to be his girlfriend. ❤️ It's just amazing to find a man true to his faith, and a leader in his congregation, and everyone has faults... And I want to enjoy this honeymoon phase but I want to make sure I don't fall into that delicate area where you are out of the honeymoon stage and start smothering the relationship. Any advice?


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  • Well I have heard of relationships in a very interesting way, basicly comparing it to breathing. Basicly you come to gether and are all over each other wanting to spend every waking minute with eachothe. This is the inhale phase. But then you get to a point where this is beginning to smother the people, most relationship problems occur because people dont transition to the exhale phase, where you realize you have your own lives own friends etc. By shifting between the two you can come back to the person with new information (things to talk about) and new experiences which allows you to essentially remeet your significant other like the first time creating another inhale phase. So going by this I would say just balance your time with him, with your time away from him so that you can both grow speratley and then grow back together keeping you in a perpetual honeymoon state ie the ideal relationship. Obviousley there will always be ups and downs but doing it this way will allow you to love eachother when your with eachother, and then really eachother when you remeet. Obviousley I am not saying take week long breaks or anything but just make sure you have a life outside of eachother. I think thats the number one cause of breakups/divorce is that you start to lose your life that exist outside of the other person. But I'm happy for you and good luck. :)


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  • What do you mean by smothering the relationship? 😕

    • Sometimes I've noticed me or the guy in dating can actually be too much to the other person... You know just always in that overly happy honeymoon stage... Wanting to talk all the time see each other as much as we can... Which may sound ok until it turns into smothering the relationship itself rather than allowing it to grow and taking its time

    • Ohh. Well make sure you spend time apart because that helps the relationship. Spend too much time together then it could get boring. Sometimes you have to miss each other. So yeah just be sure to spend time apart And you guys should be cool 👍

  • Just have good communication.


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