What's it take to get into a relationship with someone that I can treat as an equal?

I mean equal in every way. She pays for herself and I pay for myself (go dutch). We take turns inviting each other out for dates. A relationship in which I don't always have to text first and boost her ego by always telling her she's attractive.
Someone I don't have to entertain but who merely enjoys my company and I enjoy hers.

What's it take to find someone like that?
I don't want a woman to be a burden but an equal partner.


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  • It doesn't take much. Most modern relationships are like that.

    • Most women seem to want a man to take care of them.
      It makes me feel like a social worker rather than a companion.

    • The takzing care of one another is part of a relationship. You take care of her, but she should also take care of you.

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  • Well i have that relationship (except for going dutch. I dont do that)
    You just have to find the right partner. I found him accidently and he was my first real boyfriend, now my husband!

    • Why not go dutch?

    • Cause thats a friends thing. he's my partner and lover, not a friend. We take turns. I pay for something, he pays for something. Basically we take each other out all the time

  • Sorry, but I'm already taken, and you wouldn't like me anyways! (Something to do with my skin...) :B

    • Well a long distance relationship wouldn't work out anyways.
      You've got an amazing personality but for me personality must come after appearance not before.
      Nothing I can do about not being attracted to anyone that is not light skinned. Tanned is the darkest I can go for but only to a certain extent.

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    • Alright you just seemed hurt by the fact that I wouldn't be attracted to you.

    • I already snagged an admirer. What's there to be hurt by? And I added my buck teeth emoticon to assure you THAT I WAS JOKING!


  • I found it on tinder 👍🏼


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  • Women in their late 20s, and sometimes even in their early 20s, usually posses the qualities you desire.


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