Does it sound like he just wants sex?

I have been seeing this guy for a little over a month and we have gone on a date each week and have one set for this Sun. For the labor day weekend, he invited me to come with him and his friends. This man is 42 and I am 28 so I guess I have difficulties interpreting the intentions of an older man vs a younger man. His friends are primarily married couples. and this would be like a 2 day trip. We have not officially had the "talk" yet but we have not had any sex. At the most we have kissed and he has put his hands on my but. He said that he is okay with moving at a pace at which I am comfortable with, but I am not jumping into things. He has taken me to some really nice restaurants and he wants to do dinner and a movie. What are your thoughts? Thanks!


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  • He wants a relationship and respects you enough to wait.

    • why don't you think he has mentioned anything about being exclusive

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    • They are cynical and don't want to give the guy a chance.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • You never know somones true intentions for sure

  • Yes I think so..

  • yes he does.


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