How can I boost self-esteem especially dating?

Hi, I'm an international student from South Korea. I want to ask people how can I be more confidence about relationship with girls? That doesn't mean that I don't have confidence of my life. I'm quite good at studying my field and having social life with male friends such as drinki g and talking about sports.

Only the problem is when I hang out with girls, I have no idea what to do. Yes, I know that being an Asian guy has a lot of disadvantages on dating, but I'm not too short, fat, or ugly (at least, my opinion lel). I'm 5'11 (180cm) and 155 lbs (71 kg) and I have an typical Korean face. I don't know it helps you, this is my pic imgur. com/0BpW5Ty imgur. com/7UeM3kv
(I'm gonna delete them after I got some answers cuz I dont want to my friends see this post)

However, besides all of my racial and physical things, when I am with a girl, I start to worry what do I need to say, and it leads to have a boring conversation.

Please, help me girls or guys I need your advice !


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  • stand/walk confidently

    when you're talking to a girl, don't worry about what to do since that just prevents you from listening to her. be a good listener so you can ask her questions and bring up stories of your own, make jokes, be friendly etc. conversation should be free-flowing and not like interrogation.


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  • To spark a good convo, ask her about what she likes to do for fun. Then try to make jokes and be flirty when you talk. Don't be dull and boring. By fun and bubbly. Talk about things that she's interested in. Or you can just take her to the movies where you won't have to talk that much lol

  • tell yourself that you are awesome.


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  • Try to be someone they enjoy spending time with. That means being part of their conversation, not just listening to them. If they avoid conversation when you try to start one, that's their fault. I think a good way for you to start would be to hang out in some group with both boys and girls.


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