Are we dating? OMG?

I have a friends with benefits with this girl Cassie she 19 I'm 20. We been friends with benefits for about 2 years now. But my friend Ben told me she's your girlfriend.

I'm like wtf no she isn't. And he say yes she is.

I notice we been hanging out a lot lately. Outside of random partys and sex. Last week she asked did I want to go bowling because she didn't want tk go alone. I said yes. Then yesterday she came over and we watched ex machina like at 2 am. we both feel asleep on the couch.

I woke up spoonin her guys. It was weird. I don't do that maybe til like after sex or something. And I looked at while she was sleep and she looked beautiful not sexy but beautiful. And I fuckin smiled when I saw her sleep.

I think I actually like her. And I that's gotta stop. So I'm gonna do something I can't start something with her or anybody else. I don't do relationship any more.

She supposed to be one of my guy friends. Who is a woman that I fuck. Thats how I always so it until now. She invited me to her birthday party two weeks from now. And I don't know. And when she comes over and we are alone we don't have sex anymore we just talk. And chill and shit you know.

Ben all like she ur girlfriend and I said I never asked her to be so she isn't. And he said that he heard from a mural friend that she likes me.

Not sexual like but she has feelings.
Fuck dude I'm gonna have to cut her loose. I would rather be alone then take that chance.


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  • Well why don't you like relationships? 😕


What Guys Said 1

  • OMG you caught feelings and like a girl you've been seeing for 2 years, you're such a weird monster 😱. Please... Stop with the tough guy bs who is too much a badass and or too hurt from a relationship that happened when he was still a young teenager to have a girlfriend right now. You like her and she likes you, it's not complicated. Grow up and grow some balls geez.


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