Simple question, would you date me?

Welp, it's time to admit to myself I don't exactly have the confidence I'd like when it comes to dating, for a number of reasons. So the question is, based on my personality, would you date me? I would say I fall under the catagory of about average looks.

- I enjoy being spontaneous, making people laugh, and looking at the bright side of things.
- I'm the type of guy to bring you soup to your house if you are sick. Even in the rain (and this says a lot since I don't have a car). I'll talk to you at anytime of the night if you need it, just call me. When it comes to your well being, it is my job as a boyfriend to make you happier.
- This being said, I don't take kindly to being walked on, and have at times been overly defensive.
- I'm passionate to things I love, but can sometimes find it hard for my passion to break through my anxiety.

- I enjoy being submissive, but I hide this until I feel comfortable stating it. I also enjoy romantic sex. I feed off my partner's pleasure. If they are enjoying themselves, then I will be too. I don't enjoy being dominant but if my partner likes it, then I occasionally will.

- Struggling with my anxiety issues has been a large achievement of mine. I at plenty of times in my life wanted to commit suicide, almost convincing myself it's the only option left. Being a brighter, more cheerful, ready to make something of my life is an accomplishment to me.
- This being said, I'm still really just beggining my journey. I have no car, I must bike around (as mentioned before). I have no degree, my life after high school got very turned upside down with a lot of family issues and such.
- I feel I lack achievements in life. I do however have a desire to go at them.

I'm posting this to see what people think of me, whether my downs are as bad as I feel they are, and whether my strengths can balance them out. Thanks for your tim


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  • Well, I have a car, a career, but not currently working, I feel down for that, I wish I had a job right now, been looking everywhere, hopefully I get one soon, material things in life or your career does not define you. There's some one out there for you that will love you for who you are, we all struggle in life, keep your head up at all times.

    • I really want to keep that in mind, that my material things, career/job, and stuff like that don't define me as a person. This of course is very relevant to dating and relationships, but also relevant to just every day life. I'm going to try to remind myself of this more often. Thank you.

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  • I would, but I already have a boyfriend.

    Truth is, I really like submissive guys. My current boyfriend is submissive as well. You sound like a good match.

    • Just keep in mind that the majority of women is submissive, so finding the right one might be a bit more difficult for you. But don't give up!

    • thanks =]. Why do you like submissive guys? If you don't mind me asking? And I know the majority are submissive. I like romantic shared sex too. If you can do both you are a goddess.

    • I don't know. I guess I've always been dominant myself, so I'm naturally attracted to submissive guys. I've always been that way.

  • If it weren't for me already having a boyfriend I'd totally date you! Perfect Match I might say

  • I'd be your friend, I wouldn't date you

  • I probably would, but oh, age gap xD

    • Thanks! Age gaps are welp. A thing. Aside from the whole illegal thing I typically don't mind age gaps.

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    • But ya very true

    • Lol. Ya know that's not the only reason. Though I'd be a liar that reducing competition is a peek.

  • Absolutely


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