How am I going to understand what my ex feels about me?

I was talking with my ex (he has a girlfriend right now) but he always mentions old times we had and we always joke-argue about the things taht happened in the past. Last night he told me that he really wants to be with me (making out and stuff) because he thinks we werent able to take the most out of it when we were dating (which is true bc it was a long distance relationship). I told him that he has a girlfriend and I would never do that but he keeps opening the subject at most random places. He talks about his girlfriend to me and I can see that he doesn't care about her but I dont know what to do? Yes, I want him back but not this way. What should I do?


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  • He will not break up with her for you. Sorry. He is using the old 'I am soooo miserable' thing then you end up getting together and he stays with the other girl too... You need to tell him its her or you but not both.


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