Do you actually like me?

he asked me that day if I actually like him.

and if I wanna kiss him when we meet.

what does he Really mean guys?


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  • what do you mean what does he mean. ? Its pretty obvious. He wants to know if you like him and if you want to kiss him. He probably likes you and hopes that you feel the same. I guess if you say yes to the kiss part it will just prove the fact that you like him. Don't over think it

    • Well thnx. am am wondering if her really means it or he is telling other girls the same thing.

      can a guy tell other girls at same time that he like thm? can he really feel it?

    • Yea it could go both ways. He might really like you or he might be saying that to everyone. The thing is you can never really tell. You should as him if he likes you, and if he says yes, then ask him to tell you what it is exactly that he likes.

What Girls Said 1

  • He probably thinks you've been sending him mixed signals and he's tired of it. So he's finally just came out and asked you what you really thought of him.