Sounds dumb but how do you tell a girl you like her?

Just like how do you do this without it being weird lol
I've been on like what I'd deem a proper date (dinner and such) and haven't done anything with anyone for 4 years
Never been sorry


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  • It depends on yalls relationship already

    • I mean we're not overally close, but find it really easy to talk to her, she's just so pretty and I don't want to scare her off

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    • I guess most people would disagree but I think you should tell her through text

    • Okay :)

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  • "*insert girl's name here* I like you"

    • But add a reason to it as well.

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    • Dates are easy. I suggest doing an activity in the afternoon such as going to the zoo, a museum, an aquarium, ice skating, lasertag, to break the ice and shake the nerves, then go for a drink or a coffee afterwards, then dinner and then take her home.
      Once you get talking and you're enjoying each other's company you won't run out of things to say.

      So basically just relax and let your personality shine through.

      My only warning is avoid verbal diarrhoea by not letting go too much.

    • Happy to have helped

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  • You ask her out

    • Yes but I suck at doing that hence why I'm on here asking

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  • Get her by herself. Tell her "I just wanna let you know that I really like you. Like, a fuckton."


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