How to say happy birthday to someone like that? Should I?

I've been friends with this guy for a while and we were talking about more, but he handled things very strangely for quite a while and couldn't decide what he wants. We ended up not speaking for "a while", which hurt me a lot, because I feel I lost a friend, even though he doesn't seem to care... but I don't know right now, since we haven't talked... I just know I'm done with him romantically and if he doesn't come to me with some sort of explanation/apology soon, I'm done completely. However... it's his bd tomorrow and I do want to wish him a hbd, but how do I do that as nonchalantly as possible? He doesn't have the date on any of the social media though...


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  • Just be like hey I heard it was your bd today and I just wanted to say hi and hbd


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