Is it safe to say that I'm destined for being single forever because of aspergers and anxiety?

It bothers me at night that no matter the fact that I've got a great job, good financial standing, etc., I'm still obsessing over the whole concept of trying to find someone and it's driving me nuts. Going out and trying to approach people is a nightmare, and my anxiety cripples me to the point where everything shuts down and I can't move. It's like a small panic attack that comes on.

It also doesn't help that I've been emotionally hurt by the wrong women in past relationships. I put a focus on my job (had to have money to do stuff) while many of my partners didn't have jobs and were just using me until they cheated on me. I had enough morals NOT to cheat, that just sounds immoral to do.

I'm in a shitty spot. All of the people I know are either in or entering relationships, having children or even getting married, and yet here I am, trying to work my ass off to numb the pain of being alone. Am I done for?


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  • You will fine someone, just give it time. Do not rush it because then you will regret it.


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  • be glad you have had a girlfriend before, thats what it sounds like you are saying


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  • No, you sound like a great guy :) I'm sure you'll find someone, you just have to wait and be patient, the right person will come along.


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