How to deal with a crush that got out of a relationship rather soon and doesn't want to go out with anyone, but I still want him to start liking me?

My crush got out of a 4-5 month relationship. He acts nice and funny and goofy around me. But he occasionally hangs out with his ex since we're all in the same college (he's a year above me) he looks quite reserved when he's around her, and doesn't want to be seen around me. When around his other friends he'll purposely poke at me to tease me or annoy me. We've been talking on text (that too I end up messaging him first most of the time) he's quite nice. On text he told me, he'll take time in this semester to realise who to trust and who to not trust. So I know he won't go out with me. That doesn't mean he shouldn't like me. I don't understand what to do so that he likes me. I really want us to go out in the future and I him to fall for me too. I really really like him. Help me be that person he can't resist. 😭😭😭😭


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  • More details about him please
    Like do you hang out often or do you visit each other or do you share some personal stuff?
    Or it's just a "friends" thing?


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