My ex-fling added me on facebook a year ago. He hasn't contacted me so far. Should I just delete him?

I'm 24. He's 30. I met my ex-fling in 2012. We we went on dates, but stopped seeing each other.
In 2013 we went on dates again. The last time I saw him in person was in summer 2013, where he treated me like dirt. He tried to talk me into sleeping with him, which I didn't. And disrespected the fact that I was "still a virgin" at that age, and that I should lose it. I didn't do it anyway so he never spoke to me ever again and ignored my texts.
Exactly a year ago, he added me on facebook. Now, exactly a year has gone by and he's never messaged me or "liked" or "commented" anything on facebook despite having me on there. I think that jerk expects me to contact him again.

Should I delete him? (respond below and on poll).

Also, why the HECK did he add me if he wasn't going to say anything? Do you agree that he's a jerk?
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  • It takes 2 to become friends on facebook. If you don't like him, why did you accept his request in the first place? Just delete him if you don't like him...

    • I was not over him yet when he added me last year, that's why I accepted him, and hoped for him to contact me. He hasn't, and I have more anger towards him then any kind of good feelings

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    • I'm just asking so I can see the side of an outside perspective, I don't think that's stupid. This is what this website is for, to get different points of views of people who don't know you.

    • I am sorry. I'm a little cranky today, I really didn't want to be mean.
      What I meant was: Facebook is a social network and befriending/deleting friends has its impact on the relationships with people around you. If you don't care about this BS and want to cut this person out of your life, delete him and don't ever let yourself talk to him again.

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  • There's just no reason to have him as a friend on there. He probably used it to keep tabs on you, see what you were up to, see if you had a boyfriend, etc. There's no reason to give him that access.

  • Someone who can not see your worth is not worth it do you really want him block him there are othee guys out there you are still young.


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