What should I do with this girl?

I've known this girl for a while. I found out from her best friend that she has a crush on me. We don't see each other very often but when when we do we flirt a lot. She's going back to school (out of state) in two days and I knew this, I had decided that i missed my chance to make a move and would try to move on. But then out of the blue I ran into her at the park and we chatted for a while, she had to go but when I got home we started texting and the convo was going well. Suddenly on a whim I decided to ask her if she wanted to meet me at the local coffee shop some time before she goes (pretty informal). She responded that she'd love to find the time but she's pretty overwhelmed at the moment with school starting. I told her I understood, but now I realize this whole thing was probably a mistake. Do you think I've made things too awkward for the future? Is she really interested? She didn't suggest another time, but then again she really couldn't have considering her situation. I'm not sure what to do


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  • Maybe it was busy for her to go out with you, even more if she is going to college.

  • You've made things too awkward.

    • Even if she has a crush on me? Is there any hope?

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