How can I prevent my boyfriends siblings from feeling awkward by my presence?

I met my boyfriends siblings 2-3 times. At all occasions apart from one sibling, they all reported that they feel awkward when im with them.

My boyfriend thinks that it's because I'm really quiet next to them and that's cos I'm shy. In fact one sibling stated that I don't speak to him, whereas today all though I didn't speak to him directly I did have a general conversation and a laugh with all of them..
Plus he was playing games anyway, and seemed less responsive than others.. So I couldn't really speak directly to him.
so I'm not sure how to tackle this problem. How do I make it less awkward?


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  • Take time to say hi and hang with them prove that your just apart of the family

    • I'm not too sure how to tackle this. Because they seem unresponsive when I speak to them, and cos I'm so shy it's so hard

    • Just be friendly

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