What does this mean from a girl?

This girl and I flirt a lot, I think we both have a crush in each other. She will find excuses always to talk to me for example and she teases me constantly. I finally texted her asking her if she wanted to go for coffee together and her response was "Yeah I'd love to if I have time but things are pretty hectic for me right now" (her exact words) I should have expected this cause she's leaving for out-of-state-school in a few days but I didn't.

what does this mean? Is she trying to turn me down but be polite? Or do you think she is interested actually?

(sorry English is not my first language)


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  • From what you said, seems like she is really into you, if she gives you all that attention you mentioned. I think she was just being honest, especially because she really has a reason for not going. :)


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