Is it a bad idea to date my best guy friend? why?


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  • It's not a bad idea in fact, if you've known him for a long time then he will know everything you like probably. If he is not like any of the boys you have dated (if you have dated) then I'd risk it with this plan:
    Ask him to meet up somewhere (just the two of you)
    Play Truth or Dare
    If he asks for a dare say "boring or adventures?"
    If he says boring then, ask him to hug you
    If he says adventures, ask him to kiss you on the cheek
    If he ask are you sure just nod
    He will most likely kiss you (but if he doesn't just give him another dare)
    Now you ask for a dare then if he says "kiss me" or "surprise me" tell him to close his eyes and then peck him on the lips
    This has worked with all my friends and it even worked on me as my girlfriend did it too me 2 years ago (we are still together to this day)
    Hope this works and good luck :) :)

    • He's already kissed my cheek and forehead

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    • What's holding us both back is my trust issues like I still don't trust him completely

    • Be brave
      Life isn't fun if you don't take any risks - Cpt Dunn (2006)

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  • All I know is that my best guy friend asked me out a few months ago and I told him no and why. He was cool with it and then he quit talking to me and won't even look at me..

    But if you think it won't ruin your friendship go ahead.


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